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Hello! My name is Todd Carpenter.

I’m a front-end web developer & designer with over 7 years experience. I’m located in Philadelphia & am always available to discuss possible projects.

Originally from the Boston area, I moved to Philadelphia to study Digital Media at Drexel. I began my career as a Flash developer & web designer for an advertising agency, then focused on front-end technologies which has led to my position today.

If you would like to contact me for a project quote (or to say hi) send me an email. Also, check out my food blog for a great selection of recipes for your next dinner party.

When I’m not coding or cooking, you can find me on the Wissahicken trails with my wife & 2 dogs (don’t be fooled by their cuteness, they roll in horse poop every chance they get — especially the little one).

If you need to get in touch quickly, call me.

Talk to you soon!


Milo and Theo